How to Pack Household Items Effectively

Moving from one place to another especially with lots of household belongings can be both exciting and stressful. Apart from these it can be also expensive and hurt you pocket badly. So it is important to do something to reduce moving cost and make it affordable. One of the best ways to save money on move is self-packing of items. If you can pack items of your house then you can definitely save a significant amount of money because professional packers and movers often charge high for their packing services. It’s good to pack items self but it is also important that you must know the right process of packing items so that they can be transported to your new place without damage. Here are some great tips which may help you pack items correctly like professional packers and movers companies.

Prepare a packing plan. Start packing items early the day you have decided to shift to new place. Begin with items which you do not use such as winter garments (if you are moving in summer). Never pack junk items which you do not use or do not want to use in future. You must get rid of these items either by donating or selling them. This will only increase the cost of moving.

Pack things on the room by room basis. It is a good idea and recommended by almost all good movers and packers companies. Do not mix items of one room with another one. Do not mix items of different nature in the same container or box. Place heavier items first and lighter items later to avoid damages. Don’t leave empty spaces inside the box. You must fill it with padding supplies like wadded old newspapers, cotton t-shirts, socks, etc. The most important thing to do is wrapping all the items before you place them inside the box. You should always use good quality wrapping papers/sheets or bubble wraps to wrap the items you want to pack and shift.

Do not overweight any box. Keep the weight of a box not more than 25 kg. Make sure you can easily lift the box when it is needed. Avoid placing books or other heavy items in large box as you may have to face difficulty to lift the box.

The most care you need to do packing of fragile items. Fragile items should be packed in such a way that they can be transported without damage. First of all you should wrap them carefully using extra layer or wrapping sheets or bubble wraps. Place wrapped items very carefully inside the box. Use wadded papers inside the box to fill the gaps and empty spaces. Proper use of padding supplies will protect the fragile items and hence they can be transported to your new place safely. You should use your old blankets to wrap pieces of home furniture.

Use original packing supplies and boxes to pack kitchen and home appliances such as juicer, mixer grinder, blenders, toasters, water purifier, refrigerator, washing machine, ac, coolers, etc. If you do not have original packing supplies and boxes of such belongings then you should consult packers and movers and ask them for appropriate packing supplies.

Use heavy duty packaging tapes to seal and secure boxes. Do not forget to label the box. Labeling box is a good idea to ease moving process. This will help you unpack boxes and items in less time without getting too much annoyed.

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